Lottery Game Rules

What is Destinywins Lotteries?

Destinywins Lotteries operates like a raffle, where each ticket has a unique number and no two players can have the same number.

With Destinywins, you don’t have to share any of your winnings – and that includes the grand prize! That’s because individual prizes are won by individual ticket numbers.

How do I Play?

You will need to register your details with

Registration as Follow:

Step 1

Login Details

Email Address or Username:


(It is for first time registration only. Once account is created the login page will be;

User ID:


Step 2

Personal Details:


First Name:

Last Name:

Email Address: 

Step 3

Contact Details:

Phone Contact


Step 4

Agree to Disclaimers:

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Lottery Rules

I’m 18 years and above 

(Confirmation email sent to customer for confirmation and activation of account. Once confirmed then Customer account is created with their own unique customer identification number)

Once registration is done you are now able to proceed to login using your registration details and purchase your tickets. Upon checkout you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions & Lottery Rules. (read, understood and acceptance box)

Ticket Purchase: Single/ Multiple purchase every time you login

Ticket Price: $20.00 FJD

Payment & Checkout:

Payment page is displayed for purchases via 


How do I win?

Each entry goes into a draw which is drawn 5 times to determine the 5 lucky winners. To win the Lottery, your ticket number must be drawn from the first, second, third, fourth and the fifth draw.

What are the prizes?

There are 5 guaranteed winners. A breakdown of the prizes is shown below.

1st Prize 1 Residential Villa worth $2.5m & FJD $500,000 cash money
2nd Prize 1 FJD $200,000 cash money
3rd Prize 1 FJD $100,000 cash money
4th Prize 1 1 X 2023 Ford Ranger XLT UTE
5th Prize 1 Destination Holiday for 2 for 2 weeks


When does the draw close?

All entries close on 2300hrs (GMT +12) 31st December 2023. Lottery will be drawn on 1200hrs (GMT +12) on 6th January 2024

How can I check results?

Winners will be contacted via phone & email for customer verification and prize disbursements. All others can check the results which will be published on website on 6th January 2024 or alternatively follow the live media coverage.

Lottery drawings will be published live in the presence of Media and Representatives from below agencies/ departments: 

  1. Fiji Police Force
  2. Representative from FCCC
  3. Representative from AG’s Office
  4. Representative from Ministry of Trade & Commerce 

The tickets will be drawn by a third party independent provider Randomness and Integrity Services Ltd with their paid services for third party draw service tool. The information can be accessed at; 


Conditions for Lottery Winnings

All ownership registration costs for the villa are to be paid by the winner at their own cost.

All ownership costs for the registration of the MV 2023 Ford Ranger XLT UTE are to be paid for by the winner at their own cost.

Cash monies will be paid directly to winners bank accounts, all transaction fees are to be paid by the winner including of conversion and transfer rates.

Affiliate Marketing Program Payments

Individual members will be rewarded for successful referrals. A rate of 2.5% of the transaction value will be paid to member accounts for successful referrals and ticket purchases.